Benefits of Green Homes Design

In this generation, you will hear everyone talk about going green. Whether you want it or not at some point people will be forced to follow the green movement. Green building is not a simple development trend but it is a building approach that is suited to the demand of its time and whose importance and relevance will continue to increase. Over the years, we will almost run out of certain natural resources that are important for our survival and this is alarming and it is why some people are focusing on green home design as professionals from Thus, there are numerous benefits to living in a green home, here are some of the benefits.

Energy saving. In contemporary houses, people spends 8 to 15 percent of its budget on utility expenses. Green homes reduce the amount of expenses by using energy efficient lighting. Research have shown that green homes cuts energy consumption by 50 percent and the energy-efficient home is more comfortable home. This is possible through implementing passive designs, efficient lighting, structural insulated panels and renewable energy like geothermal and solar energy. You need to consider home insulation as it contains tiny air cavities that will slow down heat transmission and for maximum insulation, you can use thermal resistance material.

Durability. Green homes are very durable and they require fewer efforts to maintain. This is because green building uses durable roofing materials that will last up to 50 years. The decking is made from recycled materials and lasts up to five times longer than the traditional wood. Also use of eco-friendly pest control systems that are chemical free and keep the pests away from home to reduce damages.

Improved health. Poor indoor environmental quality that results from insufficient air circulation, temperature variance, pesticides, paints contribute widely to health problems like respiratory, allergies etc. Green homes emphasize on the use of safe products like adhesives and paints, and volatile organic compounds(VOC) cleaners. Thus, homeowners are not exposed to chemicals that are harmful.Green homes design also reduce the growth of mold in a home by installing proper ventilation and sealing which reduces unwanted humidity in the home and ensure excessive moisture is dried effectively. The home is built with radon mitigation system that prevents radon gas from getting into the house, thus improves the air quality.

Water saving. Green home design involves the installation of a high efficient plumbing system that helps to reduce water leaks or use less water while flushing the toilet. Also, builders install efficient landscape watering system that reduces evaporation and overspray.